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Photovoltaic products

Photovoltaic materials refer to materials that can directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. The photovoltaic material products of Lucky Film Co., Ltd. mainly include: solar cell backsheets, adhesives for solar cell backsheets, photovoltaic films, etc.

Healthcare products

The medical materials of Lucky Film Co., Ltd. mainly include three categories of products: medical rehabilitation physiotherapy, medical imaging materials, and medical imaging equipment. Among them, medical dry film is a kind of consumable medical equipment belonging to the imaging department, which is used in the field of medical imaging diagnosis. . Video images are mainly used for the output of B-ultrasound images and other high-definition images. Kinesio tape is mainly used to relieve joint and muscle pain, and promote the early recovery of function of the injured area.

Photographic products

Photographic materials refer to photosensitive materials that directly obtain black and white or color positive images through silver image transfer or dye image transfer. The product series is divided into silver halide color paper, inkjet paper, printing paper, processing chemical and related chemicals for processing information and image materials, image output equipment, etc.

lithium battery products

Lucky Film Co., Ltd.'s lithium battery material products include: lithium ion battery separator and lithium ion battery aluminum-plastic composite film. Lithium-ion battery separator is a kind of porous plastic film, which can ensure the free passage of lithium ions to form a circuit, and at the same time prevent the two electrodes from contacting each other to play the role of electronic insulation; lithium-ion battery aluminum-plastic composite film is used as a packaging material for lithium ion batteries. The important role of battery cells is a composite flexible packaging shell material.

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